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The Board Adjunct to the RA Ministry of Territorial Administration Took Place


The Board adjunct to the RA Ministry of Territorial Administration took place today under the leadership of RA Deputy Prime Minister, Minster of Territorial Administration Armen Gevorgyan.

MT First Deputy Minister Vache Terteryan presented the results of the measures implemented by the RA Ministry of Territorial Administration within the frames of activities of Armenia-EU European neighborhood policy program. It was mentioned that MT Ministry carries out measures in the main three spheres – functions of MTA, migration and asylum, management of water recourses. Works in all the spheres process normally.

The cooperation within the framework of MTA functions is mainly implemented in the spheres of administrative improvements and proportionate development of the territories.
In this contest the international and cross-border cooperation with EU and neighbors is significant; particularly the cooperation with Georgia is established in the frames of “Euro-Caucasus” model. Good preconditions of a similar cooperation have been also created by the membership of the marzes of Armenia to the Assembly of European Regions. The elaboration of “Conception of RA Territorial development” draft, the final version of which is already sent to the Government, is also included in the measures.

V. Terteryan also referred to the cooperation with general leadership of regional policy of the European Commission. Concept of implementation of trial programs for territorial development was carried out within the framework of EU Eastern Partnership Policy. It is supposes implementation of programs addressed to the improvements of community infrastructures aiming at assisting economic development of the partner states.

The Board took into consideration the information provided.

The amendments proposed in the “Registration and withdraw order in the personnel reserve of the community council” were also discussed in the session of the board. It was presented by the head of the Department of Community Service Affaires of MTA A. Soghomonyan. It was decided that amendments proposed will be discussed soon in details during the council to be held with A. Gevorgyan.

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