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RA Deputy Prime Minister, Minister of Territorial Administration Armen Gevorgyan paid a two-day working visit to Syuniq marz with the regional director of the World Bank Asad Alam to get acquainted with the process of the program implemented in the marz by the assistance of the WB.

Deputy Prime Miniser visits the marz almost every week and, as a rule, without accompaniment of the journalists, as they are concerned visits for the discussion of current problems. WB Yerevan Office also preferred this format for the case of Syuniq.

In connection with the publication in the newspaper “Hraparak” of 31.05.2011 that according to the justification of the press service of the Deputy Prime Minister, the schedule of the meetings is very busy therefore they concerned inappropriate to invite the journalists, so it should be mentioned that nobody has applied to the Division of Public Relations of the RA Ministry of Territorial Administration (by the way Deputy Prime Minister has no press service), thus any justification could not be presented.

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