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A. Gevorgyan Paid a Working Visit to Lory Marz


RA Deputy Prime Minister, Minister of Territorial Administration Armen Gevorgyan visited Lory marz today, acquainted with the programs implementing in the marz, discussed current problems on site.

Current problems were discussed during the council in the municipality of Tumanyan with the participation of marzpet A. Qocharyan and Tumanyan, heads of Martc, Qarinj, Lorut, Atan, Shamut, Ahnidzor communities. Particularly the issue of reconstruction of the road of Motkor ravine connecting the communities with the main highway was raised. A. Gevorgyan informed that the state budget will provide recourses for the improvement of the road. It is planned to build a road-metal by means of modern technologies. According to the specialists, taking into account the climatic conditions, it is efficient from the point of view of utilization.

The problem of absence of veterinary in the communities was also raised. It was mentioned that the villages are not under the service as the contracts with the veterinaries are not concluded. Deputy Prime Minster promised to discuss the issues with the competent authorities. Heating problem of the school of Qarinj was discussed. In this connection, it was mentioned that the Armenian Social Investment Fund will be proposed to include the issues in the upcoming programs. The process of the collection of personal income in the mentioned communities was also referred to during the council.

The mayor of Tumanyan presented the process of works implementing in the city by the urgent capital program. Particularly it was mentioned that the reconstruction of the floor of the sport hall of the school is completed, capital reconstruction of the roofs of the block of flats is in the process, the reconstruction of the streets will launch soon.

During the council the marzpet reported that the communities of Motkor ravine is included in the program of development of community capabilities implemented by means of WB recourses, by the RA Ministry of Agriculture. It is foreseen to create favorable conditions for development of cattle breeding.

Deputy Prime Minister acquainted with the present state of the road of Motkor ravine; issues related to the reconstruction were discussed on site. A. Gevorgyan visited also Qarinj community, acquainted with the housing conditions of the school of the community. The population of the community applied to Deputy Prime Minister to include in the program the reconstruction of the 3km road leading from intercommunity road to Qarinj. Deputy Prime Minister promised to include that sector in the program of reconstruction of the ravine’s intercommunity roads if possible.

In Alaverdy A. Gevorgyan visited the construction sites of the medical center and nursery school. These community institutions are reconstructed by means of Armenian Social Fund. The reconstruction of the nursery school is almost completed. The whole investment of the program made up 84 million AMD.

The Fund also continues the reconstruction of the medical center of the city, the first phase of which was completed in 2010 (the investments made up 100 million AMD). The second phases has launched this year. During this phase the capital reconstruction will be completed, the center will be equipped with a heating system. The investments of this phase made up 95 million AMD. The community may be under the service of the medical center already in autumn. The possibilities of reconstruction of second branch building and the maternity hospital were discussed with the marzpet and the mayor. 320-350 million AMD will be required for it. The complete reconstruction of the medical center will create an opportunity of provision of healthcare. Deputy Prime Minister promised to discuss the issue with the Ministry of Healthcare and other interestesd bodies.

A. Gevorgyan particularly attached importance to the programs for development of social infrastructures in the communities that have a priority importance for the improvement of living conditions of the population. He expressed his hope, that the results will be considerable for the population after the completion of the program and attached importance of the similar programs.

Deputy Prime Minister was also introduced to the process of works implemented in the city by the program of solution of urgent problems of the marz. The program is mainly aimed at construction of roofs and lifts of the block of flats, the construction of which has already launched, and the reconstruction of the streets will began soon. A. Gevorgyan charged the marzpet to hold the process of the program implementing in the marz in the center of his attention.

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